First TULPA Images Released

In TULPA, Gerini plays Lisa Boeri, a respectable and upwardly mobile businesswoman who by night, frequents the notorious sex club ‘Tulpa’ in search of dangerous forms of pleasure. Below are the first images of Claudia Gerini as sex-driven femme fatale in TULPA, currently shooting in Rome.

When her lovers start getting murdered in horrible ways, she tries to deal with it herself with truly nightmare consequences.

“Gerini said today: “” This is the most challenging and controversial role of my career”. Currently in its second week of shooting in Rome, TULPA is described as a neo-giallo thriller with strong psycho-sexual tones and containing scenes of extreme violence.


It’s based on a story by genre veteran Dardano Sacchetti, with a screenplay by Giacomo Gensini and Federico Zampaglione. It is produced by IDF, Giovanna Emidi, Silvia Natill and Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

Gerini has just completed a leading role as Marie Cecile in Christopher Smith’s gritty TV mini-series Labyrinth for Ridley Scott. It will air on Channel 4 in the UK.


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