Interview with Claudia Gerini for Tulpa

Claudia GeriniItalian actress Claudia Gerini was last seen by FrightFest audiences in Tulpa, the Giallo homage directed by her husband Fredrico Zampaglione. 
We talked to her about horror and more in anticipation of Tulpa’s showing at the Sitges Film Festival 2012 and her appearance in Labyrinth which is broadcast on Channel 4 in early 2013.

LoveHorror: First can I say I saw Tulpa at FrightFest and I thought your performance was great.

Claudia Gerini: Thank you very much.

LoveHorror: How did you become involved in Tulpa – apart from the obvious reason of being married to the movies director of course?

Claudia Gerini: As an actrees, Giallo is something I always wanted to get involved with, the screenplay of Tulpa really intrigued me.. so crazy , bloody and sexy. After reading it, i felt that Lisa Boeri was the most challenging role of my whole career , and I really like to prove myself by doing different things.

LoveHorror: What drew you to the role of Lisa Boeri? And what research and preparation do you do for the role?

Claudia Gerini: Federico gave me the right instructions before we start shooting… then I just tried to get in contact with my dark side, my deepest fears and also my hidden desires.

LoveHorror: How much input did you have on the dialogue and the story of Tulpa which Federico wrote?

Claudia Gerini: The majority of the dialogue were written by Giacomo Gensini, the co-screenwriter Federico doens’t love too much dialogue. His previous horror film ‘Shadow’, was quite a mute film. He prefers to develop the story with more action than talking. By the way, in the new cut, we have eliminated a lot of dialogue, the story works so much better now. The movie is in great shape and ready to travel all over the world

Claudia Gerini

LoveHorror: Tulpa is a tribute to Giallo of sorts, are you a fan of the genre and if so which movies are your favourite?

Claudia Gerini: I really like the old films by Sergio Martino’s and Dario Argento. Those kind of films were completely unpredictable and wild, but at the same time incredibly stylish.

LoveHorror: The idea of the Tulpa – which is linked to Tibetan mysticism and spirit possession – is a very interesting one. Do you yourself believe in other worldly forces and possession?

Claudia Gerini: Absolutely yes, I do believe there are so many other dimensions to explore.

LoveHorror: Did you enjoy making a horror thriller and would you make more in the future?

Claudia Gerini: Of course, in the genre you have the chance to act in a completely different way. Everything is more physical and you find yourself dealing with the extreme – so yes. it’s exciting and very involving.

Claudia Gerini

LoveHorror: The film premiered at FrightFest this year. Did you enjoy the festival experience?

Claudia Gerini: We had so much fun. FrightFest is a crazily entertaining experience. The Frightfesters are just lovely on top of this. The FF screening has been important to test the film, see what really works and what can be improved. A lot of festivals are asking for the film now and we are about to show the new cut in Sitges

LoveHorror: What’s next for you?

Claudia Gerini: I’m already at work on a new feature “UNA FAMIGLIA PERFETTA” – something very far removed from TULPA.

TULPA is in official competition at Sitges Film Festival 2012 / Labyrinth is broadcast on Channel 4 early 2013


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  • Great Giallo, saw it at Frightfest and just loved it.

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