Wolf Creek 2 Coming 2013

Wolf Creek was scary wasn’t it? Imagine how scary Wolf Creek 2 could be!

Well you won’t have to use your imagination for too much longer as Wolf Creek 2 or Return to Wolf Creek (maybe) is in production and chalked for an early 2013 release.
The film will see John Jarratt return to his role as the evil serial killer Mick Taylor and is promised to reach new ‘dark depths’. Exciting huh?

Wolf Creek 2 2013

So right now you’re desperate to see a teaser trailer or something right? Well it’s too early for that.
However, we can let you know about a new app that’s being released in anticipation of the release of Wolf Creek 2.

The interactive ibook/app will be released for iPhone and iPad return to wolf creek appinitially with an Android version to follow. It offers a (horrible) trip down memory lane for original fans and an introduction to those too young to see the film when first released in 2005. With the help of writer, director Greg McLean, Sharp Agency have put together a ‘never-before-seen’ collection of video clips, images and personal documentation of props and trivia that will delight the avid horror fan and general film buff alike.

Purchasers of the ‘App’ will have access to a companion website that will give updates from the Wolf Creek 2 production camp as well as a blog and the chance to tell their own ‘Wolf Creek moment’.

A special ‘ground-breaking’ interactive section called ‘Mick’s Drawer of screams’ will give users a chance to be part of the horror film community like never before.

Now is probably a good time to go and watch the original film if you haven’t seen it already. Oh, and check out the app

You can find out more about the Wolf Creek 2 App on its official Facebook page.


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