Death Valley hits MTV

Monday 30th January sees the launch of a Death Valley on MTV – a fighteningly funny drama.

The series follows the Undead Task Death Valley MTVForce – a special police unit as they hunt down monsters and keep the public safe in Death Valley USA.
Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies… It’s all in a days work for these guys.

It all sounds like pretty serious and scary work, but Death Valley is surprisingly funny, sexy and gory, with extreme chases, hardcore kills and bizarre encounters with the supernatural.

Death Valley, Dead Funny

Death Valley is already a big hit in the States, probably down to the off the wall antics including encounters with vampire hookers and even werewolf porn stars.

And if you can’t wait to watch the programme, you can get busy right now by using the Death Valley Facebook App – ‘Death Valley: Share to Kill’ which gives MTV fans an inside peak at life as an Undead Task Force officer.

Undead task force death valley mtv

Working as a team, fans from all over the world must kill vampires, werewolves, and zombies in order to rid Death Valley of the menacing and hideous creatures.



The series of Death Valley runs for 12 weeks, so don’t miss out!!


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