Perfect Sense out this Monday

Perfect SenseFollowing its critically acclaimed UK theatrical release in October 2011, the apocalyptic sci-fi fable, Perfect Sense, starring Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge; Star Wars; Trainspotting) and Eva Green(Casino Royale; The Dreamers) comes to DVD on 30th January 2012 having been hailed as “thrillingly ambitious, ecstatically romantic, utterly unexpected” (Time Out, Four Star review) and as “a touching, emotionally resonant and beautifully executed spin on humanity’s final moments that will hit you in the head and heart” (SFX Magazine, Four-and-a-half Star review).

Directed by David Mackenzie (Spread; Young Adam; Hallam Foe) from a script by award winning Danish writer Kim Fupz Aakeson (To Love Someone; Pure Hearts) the film co-stars Connie Nielsen (Gladiator), Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting; Snatch; Julien Donkey-Boy), Denis Lawson(Star Wars; Marchlands) and Stephen Dillane (44 Inch Chest; The Hours).

A new virus is spreading throughout the globe, slowly stripping people of their five senses one at a time and beginning with the sense of smell. Deep feelings of grief, depression and rage briefly precede each sense loss, causing communities to spiral into chaos as the authorities struggle to cope with the situation. Witnessing these events are Michael (McGregor), the head chef at a swanky Glasgow restaurant, and Susan (Green), an aloof epidemiologist who is conducting research into the outbreak.

Following a chance encounter, Michael and Susan embark on an affair that sees them experiencing new and unforeseen depths of feeling and moments of pure emotional connection. But is their passion really based on love or is it that, with the world falling apart around them, they have nothing else to hold on to but each other?

The movie is out Monday 30th January in the meantime check out the trailer below.


Alex Humphrey

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