LoveHorror at FrightFest 2010 – Day 5 / Part 2

A horror from further afield followed with the South Korean shocker Bedevilled. A poignant picture about abuse and betrayal it explores how far someone can be pushed and mistreated until they finally break.

A tale of two very different women both from the same idyllic island Seoul banker Hae-won escaped to the city leaving her childhood friend Bok-nam behind. After receiving loads of letters asking her to visit Hae-won finally heads back to her birth place and realises she has left Bok-nam to a torturous life of servitude, a plaything for the men and a workhorse for the women she is now desperate to escape and live life with her friend whom she idolises.

Although Bok-nam pleas, Hae-won is hard and indifferent ignoring her friends plight not wanting to get involved in the complicated situation or help her out of it. But when Bok-nam losses the only important thing in her life she snaps picking up a sickle and dealing out dearth to everyone who has ever wronged her including her old friend Hae-won.

Bedevilled is a disturbing and upsetting film whose bright colors and lush setting offset the desolate story and violent world the characters inhabit with a slow build up to the explosive and bloody third act which is a perfect portrayal of a person pushed to the path of murderous vengeance.

From one unsettling tale of revenge and retribution to another with the UK premier of British director Simon Rumley’s Red, White and Blue a story of emotionally damaged people and the physical damage they do to others in their lives.

Set in Texas this stark and brutal story tells the harrowing tale of three people entwined by violence all on the dark road to hopeless oblivion. Centring around Erica (Amanda Fuller) a victim of abuse who spends her nights trawling bars for one night stands and her days trying to cover the pain in her life she meets war vet Nate (Noah Taylor) who’s mysterious past and unhinged edge draw her into an odd but affectionate relationship with him.

But when one of Erica’s multiple one night stands resurfaces with his friends on a mission to find her and make her pay for what she has done to him fate takes the players into a terrifying game of torture where morality is twisted and revenge is blood curdling pain.

After an exposing audience question and answer session with director Simon Rumley and cast members Noah Taylor and Amanda Fuller it was finally time for the closing film of FrightFest 2010 the UK premier of the exciting and excellent The Last Exorcism, the full review of which you can read right now, right here.

With both director Daniel Stamm and producer Eli Roth (best known for bringing us all Cabin Fever and Hostel) attending the sell out screening was the perfect petrifying end to a wonderful festival full of frightening fun.

Monsters, aliens, zombies, psycho’s, banshee’s, beasts, in depth Q and A’s and piles of freebies, a short film spectacular and a quiz from hell FrightFest 2010 had had it all and much much more.

With a tear in my eye I said good bye to the seat I had spent so much time with, good bye to the masses of horror fans who had accompanied me on my murderous movie filled journey and good bye to the Empire Leicester Square which had been my home for last five days.

Most importantly it was good bye and thank you to London’s best horror film festival FrightFest which had provided me with gory entertainment, thrilling terror, spooky spectacle and a brilliant bunch of horror films all of which will be coming to a cinema or TV near you all very soon.

Good bye to FrightFest until next year that is when LoveHorror will be doing it all over again!

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Red, White and Blue Trailer:

The Last Exorcism Trailer:


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