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The Swerve (2018) Review

Holly (One Missed Call’s Azura Skye) is an invisible woman. Ignored and taken for granted by her two rude and obnoxious teenage sons she is also rejected and neglected by her husband Rob (Bryce Pinkham from The Good Wife and The Get Down) who is extremely preoccupied by his work.Read More

13 Sins (2014) Review

Swaying between jet black humor and unnervingly real horror 13 Sins shines a light on our present day society illuminating how easy it is to turn anyone into a monster given the right motivation, a concept that makes for both a brilliant movie and a deeply unsettling realization about the world around us.Read More

Sparks (2013) Review

Super hero stories seem to be leaping over tall buildings, coming out of dark bat filled caves and smashing their merry green giant way onto our cinema and TV screens with increasing regularity.Read More

The Last Exorcism Part II comes home

We loved The Last Exorcism and now StudioCanal have announced the Home Entertainment release of The Last Exorcism Part II produced by Eli Roth. Horror fans can purchase the Extended Uncut edition on DVD, Blu-ray, EST & VOD, on the 30th September, 2013.Read More

Top Horror Mockumentries

Although the movie term mockumentry is usually associated with comedies like This is Spinal Tap and Borat there is a growing trend in horror towards making movies which appear and claim to be real regardless of their subject matter.Read More