‘In Case Of A Zombie Emergency’ guide video

zombie attack To celebrate the imminent UK DVD and Blu-ray release of Rec 2, we have been sent come very useful information that we thought it was only right to share with our readers.

We’ve all thought about it. What would I/we do if there was an actual zombie attack? Sure, there are books on this kind of thing (like the Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide) but in this video rich society, although many of us care about the zombie apocolypse, most haven’t got the motivation to read a book about how to survive it.


That’s where this handy video comes in. Check it out:

Not only is the film Rec 2 cool, but it has also had some really fun press attached to it, including our excellent Rec 2 Heart Monitor Challenge!

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REC 2 (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£17.99) and Blu-ray (£22.99) by E1 Entertainment on 20th September 2010. Special Features include: Extended Scenes; Deleted Scenes; Making Of ‘In An Infected World’ (Blu-ray only); Behind The Scenes (Blu-ray only).

Also released on 20th September 2010 is the original REC Special Edition on Blu-ray (£19.99) for the very first time and featuring almost 3 hours of extras, including: The Making of REC; Crew Interviews; Extended Scenes; Deleted Scenes; Behind The Scenes Footage.


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