Love Horror’s Best Horror Beers on the Planet Part 4

Best horror beersWelcome to Part 4 of Love Horror’s Best Horror Beers featuring the final 11 breweries (for now!)
in our huge guide to Horror Beers.

It’s obvious that we at Love Horror love horror but we also love beer and nothing makes us happier when those two passions combine in the form of a Horror Beer. Horror Beer’s come in many magnificent forms from brews inspired by classic movies to pun-tastic ale’s with petrifying artwork to breweries fully embracing horror in creation of all their delicious drinks.

We decided it was time to compile a list Love Horror’s Best Horror Beers on the planet to give you an overview of the breweries producing horror related beers that make the ideal drink alongside your favorite fright filled films. Be it a Saison for a slasher movie, a Trappist for a torture thriller, a Stout for a supernatural shocker or an Indian Pale ale for a petrifying Indie picture although our lists aren’t exhaustive we aim to please every horror fan.

Featuring our favorite popular brands and obscure microbreweries, regularly made seasonal beer’s and craft one offs, ultra-rare long gone limited editions and mainstream lagers available everywhere we hope you find something tasty to wet your interest and perfectly accompany your next horror movie viewing. Cheers!

Beer: Jet Black Heart, Neon Overlord and Pumpkin King
Brewery: Brew Dog
Description: Everyoje heard of Brew Dog but you may not have heard of their more obscure horror related beers like Jet Black Heart a sable stout black as pitch and smooth as hell. Flaked oats and wheat add to the velvet mouth-feel, with the carbonation adding a honeycomb texture. Magnum and Sorachi Ace bring a berry & citrus fruitiness that amplifies the chocolate character of this inky leviathan.
On the other end of the scale and ready to blow your mind Neon Overlord is is one of the most complex brews Brew Dog have ever compiled. Coming in at 7.3% ABV first there is a hit of mango, tropical fruit and Turkish delight, before the toffee edges from the malt bill arrive. But the finish is all chili. It arrives slowly at first, but builds and rises to a brutally brilliant, mouth-coating crescendo. Not for the faint hearted believe me I have tried it!
Pumpkin King is not your usual unctuous, cloyingly sweet Hallowe’en pumpkin ale. Sure, there’s a huge heady hit of pungent spice on the nose, but it’s followed with bright and zesty citrus flavours, and a light mouthfeel. Spicy and sweet autumnal favourites like toasted marshmallow and toffee apple are just some of the complex notes you’ll find in Brew Dog’s twisted take on a pumpkin ale, which weighs in at 5.4% ABV.
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Beer: Black Death
Brewery: Broxbourne Brewery
Description: Spicy and hot chilli heads dream, tantalises the taste buds and great to cook with Black Death is a Jet Black Stout infused with Naga Chilli that may or may not kill you we can’t say for sure.
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Beer: Gourd Standard Pumpkin IPA and The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale
Brewery: Flying Dog
Description: Two brilliant pumpkin beers this time from Flying Dog these need to be tried to be believed. Big and tasty and pretty strong they will get your Halloween night off to a wonderful start or a fantastic end but either way you’ll have fun.
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Beer: New Belgium and 3 Floyds: Gratzer
Brewery: New Belgium
Description: Full of bold flavors from oak-smoked wheat, and along with Midnight Wheat, this beer presents a pure black pour. A subtle, spicy note from the Polish Lublin hops hides in the aroma, just below the dark and smoky surface. Despite all appearances, the Gratzer is very drinkable at 4.5% ABV, and walks itself with a nice, light body. Cheers to drinking smoky, undead beers. Prost!
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Beer: Shark Attack
Brewery: Portman Brewing
Description: Brewed with Centennial and Cascade hops, Shark Attack Double Red is the perfect compliment for when you’re surrounded by danger or celebrating when you survive. Portman Brewing’s double red ale, Shark Attack is a classic west coast-style Imperial Red Ale brewed with Crystal Malts, Centennial and Cascade Hops. A smooth malty beer with a generous hop character, Shark Attack finishes out with sweet caramel hints and spicy hops.
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Beer: What a Horrible Night (For A Curse)
Brewery: Wild Weather
Description: A limited edition Treacle Stout with a reto gaming label it’s a curse on us all that this isn’t available any more!
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Beer: Skeleton Blues
Brewery: Stewart Brewing
Description: A delicious American Wheat Beer Stewart Brewing’s Skeleton Blues will make you hop with joy rather than sing the blues as it packs in a powerhouse of flavours guaranteed to quench your thirst even if you’re a bag of bones.
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Beer: New Holland Ichabod and New Holland The Poet
Brewery: New Holland
Description: A pumkin ale Ichabod combines malted barley and real pumpkin with cinnamon and nutmeg in a delicious and inviting brew. After dinner, try it with your favorite dessert. Named after Edgar Alan Poe with a raven on the bottle The Poet contains tons of oats which bring a creaminess and soft mouth-feel to rich, roasty malt character.
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Beer: Evil Crawfish and Undead Party Crasher
Brewery: Clown Shoes Beer
Description: Both 22oz Bombers the story of Evil Crawfish goes that once upon a time a man walked into a bar where a friend of Clown Shoes Beer was tending the taps. He tried to order an Eagle Claw Fist (another one of their brews!) but got it wrong and asked for an Evil Crawfish. When they heard the story, after much laughter, they knew one day we’d make the beer. Finally, here it is, built off of ECF, but cleaner, meaner, less bitter, and dry hopped with Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic. Undead Party Crasher is currently in production so no real info on it except the mega cool label!
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Beer: Night of the Living Stout and Milk Plus
Brewery: Full Pint Brewing
Description: Night of the Living Stout is a delicious stout able to raise the dead well the dead thirsty that is and Milk Plus is a Milk Stout made in homage to Clockwork Orange which is I am sure would satisfy Alex and his Droogs perhaps keeping him away from a bit of the old ultra-violence.
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Beer: Dark Arts Sureal Stout and Villainous Vienna IPA
Brewery: Magic Rock
Description: Dark Arts blends four malts and bags of whole hops to deliver a decadently deep and indulgent experience. A luxuriously smooth mouthfeel, is followed by spicy hop notes and full flavours of chocolate, liquorice, blackberries and figs. The finish is rich and satisfying with a lingering roasted bitterness. Magic Rock stout will most definitely convert you to the dark side.
The 100% Vienna Malt base of their Villainous IPA gives the beer a biscuity malt backbone which gets thoroughly sinful with an outrageous hopping schedule featuring a scandalous combination of tropically fruity US hops. Mango, papaya, guava, grapefruit & citrus combine for a wickedly juicy flavour filled experience & a fiendishly moreish bitterness full of Villainous intent.
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