Lin Shaye Interview for Grace: The Possession

In case you didn’t know, Grace: The Possession is out on DVD and HD download right now.

There are a bunch of possession movies out there Lin Shaye Grace: The Possessionto choose from, so to help us put everything in perspective we thought it would be good to catch up with a member of the cast.

Horror actress extraordinaire Lin Shaye (Insidious trilogy, Ouija and A Nightmare on Elm Street to name but a few) took time out of her terrifying schedule to talk to us…

Lin Shaye Interview

Love Horror: You’ve had very diverse roles throughout your career but what is it about horror films that draw you to you to these scary roles? What do you do to prepare for these types of roles?

Lin Shay: It’s not that I am “drawn” to scary roles…I love a good story! I am all about “the story!”… I treat every role pretty much the same…I never think “oh this character is funny”…or “oh this character is scary”… it is always “who is this person?” “why are they in this story?”…what journey do they take? How do they change? How do they change the other characters in the story? Whether it is comedy, drama or horror, the questions are always the same…You can’t “play scary”…you can BE scary by what you, as the character thinks or does.

This film uses a new twist in that it is first person perspective. If were writing a horror film, what twist/unique perspective would you put in it?

The final “perspective” of a film is really created by the director and editor, as well as the writer…I leave that to them!…and try to give them as many “unique” perspectives” to choose from as I can, through the eyes of my character. The shape and convention of the final film will be made up of all the pieces we provide as characters, but the style and presentation of those pieces is up to the director, editor and writer.

Grace: The Possession Lin Shaye interview

What are your 5 favorite horror films of all time?

5 favorite horror films? THE SHINING, CARRIE (the original!), PSYCHO, THE BIRDS, THE EXORCIST

If you could do a remake or a spin-off of one of those films, which would it be and why?

I would not be interested in a remake or spinoff of ANY of these films! For me “they said it all” when they said it. Move on!

Who are your influences as an actor?

My influence as an actor has been my awesome teachers, and probably every actor and director that I have ever worked with !…Uta Hagan, Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler…amazing, smart, and specific. Uta Hagan and Lee Strasberg taught me about “the moment”…each one has a life of its own…being “in that moment” with your other actors ..telling “your story” through each of those moments..using physical elements of the scene to help you tell the story…Stella Adler taught me lots about how important it is to SAY something” important…ABOUT “something important”…whether it be content, emotion or human point of view. I am beyond grateful for them and to them….and still draw from their genius and their “voices” whenever I can.


What was it like working with director Jeff Chan?

Jeff Chan was wonderful!….in every and all ways!…smart, thoughtful, supportive, energetic, kind, funny, patient !!..AND knew the film he was making. I alos have the utmost respect on how he operated under enormous pressure…making his first studio film…how strong and focused he was no matter what the issue may be or who was having it! I totally love him…and hope to work with him over and over!

Grace: The Possession is available to own on DVD and HD download now.


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