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The Call (2020) Review

Horror films throughout the years have presented a multitude of gateways to the other side many of which have turned out to be hidden in plain sight. From the TV in Poltergeist to the sewers in IT, movies have transformed everyday things into petrifying portals to the underworld.Read More

The Call DVD Competition

Dazzler Media presents acclaimed, retro-style horror The Call, from the creator of Final Destination and starring horror legends Lin Shaye (Insidious franchise, Dead End) and Tobin Bell (Saw franchise, The Flash), arriving on DVD & Digital 11th January 2021. Win yourself a copy on DVD right now.Read More

100 Pages of Horror – Hell Comes to Hollywood II

Having loved Eric Miller‘s Hell Comes to Hollywood I was more than happy to hear there was a sequel and hoped it would disprove the usual rule of thumb that all follow ups are failures. Thankfully it was brilliant and contained just as many chilling and cruel tales of cinema as the first, making it […]Read More