Upcoming Horror Conventions Stateside

us-of-ArrrgIf you have ever planned on taking a trip to the US, now is the time. Why, you ask? Because the ultimate convention experience is right around the corner, and you could take part!

Flashback Weekend

That’s right folks, Chicago’s Flashback Weekend takes place August 8-10, 2014 and it is here that you can meet Robert Englund in full Freddy Krueger makeup, applied by Robert Kurtzman, for the last time ever!

Now, here is the catch: For one, Englund will not be wearing the sweater or hat. It is just the makeup and glove. Second, it comes at the hefty price of $365 per ticket.
For that price, you get a photo with Robert in his makeup, a weekend pass to the convention, admission to an exclusive party where Robert will be in makeup and a photo op lanyard. From what I can tell, this does not include the cost of an autograph.

Considering a weekend pass is only $70, you’re really paying $290 to meet and mingle with Englund in full makeup. Some might find that to be a hefty fee, including myself. However, if this was Dick Warlock and Jamie Lee Curtis in full Halloween attire, I would probably pay that.

If Englund doesn’t interest you, you can pay the daily fee and go meet guests in multiple reunions including Phantasm, Hellraiser, Children of the Corn and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, as well as a copious amount of other amazing celebs.

You can check it all out for yourself over at www.flashbackweekend.com


Next up we have Monster-Mania held in Cherry Hill, NJ the weekend of August 15-17.
Here you can meet Mads Mikkelsen, whom you might know as Hannibal from the show, Burt Ward and Adam West, a large chunk of The Walking Dead cast, a Return of the Living Dead reunion, a They Live reunion and many other guests very much worth meeting.

Take a look at their amazing guest list over at

While you’re there, check out their October show lineup!

Spooky Empire

The next con I am beyond excited about is Spooky Empire, taking place October 24-26 in Orlando, Fl.
They haven’t listed an entire lineup yet, but who they do have so far is impressive.

This list includes Tobin Bell, James Remar, Dee Wallace, Michael Rooker, Tyler Mane, Stephen Pearcy, Ken Page and Joe Turkel.
Keep in mind that this is the lineup SO FAR. They still have 3 months to get more guests and I can tell you that Spooky never fails to impress. Keep your eyes on their website for new guest announcements as they will be piling in very soon!
You can stay updated on Spooky Empire’s site over at www.spookyempire.com

I will keep you all updated as new and exciting cons come to my attention.

Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities!



Scarletjupiter is our US correspondent. She's currently the horror editor over at Pop-Break.com, reviewing films and providing interviews. She has also contributed to DreadCentral. You may eventually know her from the upcoming indie horror film Honeyspider. She's a massive Halloween collector-the film series, not the holiday. She's a pure Michael Myers nerd since childhood. In her spare time she loves to travel to horror filming sites, haunted locations and conventions across the USA. You can find her, her collection and travels on Instagram and Twitter @scarletjupiter.

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