The Battery (2012) Review

The Battery

The Battery, written, directed and starring Jeremy Gardner, tells the tale of two baseball team mates who have had no choice but to stick together in the unfortunate event of a zombie apocalypse.

Ben (Gardner) and his companion Mickey (Adam Cronheim) travel the New England area looking for places to stop and rest at and to also find food and clothes. Mickey has no desire to kill any zombies and leaves Ben to dispense of any which get in their way, whilst spending his time chilling out and listening to his DVD player (Yes a DVD player in this day and age, I tell you!).

The majority of their time is spent holed up in the car they have managed to salvage from the ruins of the apocalypse. Ben seems to be nonplussed about this and is quite happy to spend his time lounging about in the car or outside. Mickey however, wants to settle down and harps on at Ben to find somewhere they can spend some quality time at. Whilst Ben is scouting, Mickey stays in the car and he jumps in fright when a female zombie presents herself.

The Battery

Feeling lonely and seeing his first woman in a long while (albeit a dead one), he decides to take the opportunity to pleasure himself in front of said un-dead woman! She is enjoying the show when Ben pops her off. He laughs at Mickey to clean up and then advises he has found them somewhere to stay. It is whilst in their new abode that they happen upon some walkie-talkies. Whilst trying all frequencies, Mickey happens upon Annie, who tells him to clear off the line and to not try to find where she and her friends are. This only makes Mickey more determined to find her, much to Ben’s detriment.The Battery

Will Ben and Mickey reach their Shangri-La or will other events stop them from eternal happiness? As normal, you will have to buy the DVD to find out!

So what did you think of The Battery then?

When I was first presented with the opportunity to review The Battery, I was expecting it to be yet another run of the mill zombie film, with countless hordes of zombies filling the screen, ripping flesh and intestines from anyone who dared cross their path! I am quite pleased to tell you that despite the countless number of zombie movies out there, Jeremy Gardner has managed to create a zombie film which centers more on drama than guts. The relationship between Ben and Mickey speaks volumes to anyone who has ever been holed up in an environment with another person. Ben and Mickey aren’t best buddies and tolerate each other, with Ben basically treating Mickey like the little kid brother he probably never had. Ben constantly tells Mickey that listening to music will cause him no end of trouble and to take the headphones off.

The Battery

Mickey takes the advice and throws it into the ether, not realizing that Ben is wiser than his age dictates. They grate on each other’s last nerve at times, but their love of baseball shines through and they play catch with each other regularly. Gardner and Cronheim should be commended on portraying such realistic characters thrown into a scenario they can neither control, nor escape. I also have to commend Gardner on putting together a film which hides it’s mere $6,000 budget, showing flashes of style and cinematic elegance through use of the New England landscape. The script is excellent and I wasn’t bored at any point during the film, which is very rare for a zombie film in the current climate of over-saturation of the market.

The Battery

I would definitely recommend The Battery to anyone who loves zombie films with a dramatic story line. This is not a gory film and zombies are kept to a minimum, whilst appearing at key points in the film.

I’m also looking forward to Jeremy Gardner’s next film as I was so impressed by The Battery (his full length directorial debut).
I believe there are bigger things ahead for him and I would advise you to look out for him in the future, as he is going to go far.
The soundtrack to the film is also awesome and you’ll be humming the tunes after the film has finished.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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