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imagesHorror Channel is giving Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci a much deserved season – comprising of four of his most memorable films – genre classics that were either banned or heavily censored in the UK during the late seventies, early eighties.

Fulci, the forerunner of Italian splatter, once said that violence IS Italian art, and who would disagree with him when you look at the line-up, which comprises such ground-breaking master-pieces as the 1979 iconic ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS (TX: Sat Aug 3, 22:55) and the 1981 zombie shocker THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (TX: Sat Aug 24, 22:55). Both are network premieres. The other two titles are Channel favourites CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (TX: Sat Aug 10, 22:55) and THE BEYOND (TX: Sat Aug 17, 22:55)


Love Horror love Lucio Fulci as proven from the quotes from our Fulci reviews below –

The Beyond 4 Stars – “You’re not going to get a better horror film from Fulci than The Beyond. It’s a hearty and fun gore splattered romp which I have only described as such in order to use the word ‘romp’.”

City of the Living Dead – “The unpredictable story will keep you guessing, and the blood and guts could get you wincing.”

The House by the Cemetery – “If you’re craving a tasty slice of violent nonsense then you could do worse than this fantastic release.”

And one of our Top 10 Zombie Movies of All Time

Zombie Flesh Eaters 5 Stars – “If you care anything for zombies, horror or classic cinema in general watching Zombie Flesh Eaters is an essential part of your personal development.”

The season will be exclusively hosted and introduced by Fulci’s music maestro Fabio Frizzi and Spencer Hickman from Death Waltz Records.

TV: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138 www.horrorchannel.co.uk | twitter.com/horror_channel



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