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Full on Fulci on The Horror Channel

Horror Channel is giving Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci a much deserved season – comprising of four of his most memorable films – genre classics that were either banned or heavily censored in the UK during the late seventies, early eighties.Read More

Zombies Overrun The Horror Channel

Everyone loves zombies and to celebrate The Horror Channel are letting the dead walk in and take over with their Season of the Dead of double bills in April with 5 UK TV premieres including Stage Night of the Dead and Cowboys and Zombies.Read More

City of the Living Dead (1980) Review

The 1980’s are cool again. The floppy hair, the bright colours… Even the leg warmers! So what better way to celebrate this, but with a nice 80’s horror film? If you’re into zombies and horror that is more fun than terrifying, City of the Living Dead – now available in high definition – could be […]Read More