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Full on Fulci on The Horror Channel

Horror Channel is giving Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci a much deserved season – comprising of four of his most memorable films – genre classics that were either banned or heavily censored in the UK during the late seventies, early eighties.Read More

LoveHorror Interviews Jake West

As The Horror Channel's <a href="http://lovehorror.co.uk/horror-channel-presents-season-of-the-banned">Season of the Banned </a>kicks off soon we though it would be the perfect time to talk to a man who knows more than a little on the subject of censorship, British horror director and video nasties expert Jake West.Read More

New York Ripper (1982) Review

Banned in many countries and released in others heavily edited as an ‘adults only’ movie, in 1984 New York Ripper was so shocking that the then Secretary of the British Board of Classification, James Ferman, ordered all the prints of the film to be escorted to the airport by the police and sent out of […]Read More

The Beyond (1981) Review

Another door to Hell has been opened! ‘The Godfather of Gore’ Lucio Fulci follows his cracking (and completely bonkers) City of the Living Dead (COTLD) with another ‘Gates of Hell’ film, piling on another substantial layer of blood and guts.Read More