The Worlds End (2013) Review

The Worlds EndThe Cornetto trilogy has finally come to an end. A spectacular end at that.

No doubt you’ve watched the trailers countless times since they hit the net so you know what to expect, at least on the surface.

Simon Pegg plays Gary King, a late-thirty-something still trying to live the life of his youth. We’re introduced to the rest of the gang in true Edgar Wright fashion, fast-paced and full of energy and when Gary succeeds in getting the Musketeers back together you can’t help feel excited for Gary and the epic pub crawl they’re about to re-attempt.

Pegg, along with Nick Frost, have upped their game in their roles for The Worlds End. They don’t play the familiar double act we’ve known from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz but they do a brilliant job keeping the chemistry between them buzzing.

The Worlds End

Pegg plays a repulsive man-child, being selfish and obnoxious yet he manages to keep him likeable throughout the film. Frost does well in being the up-tight and devoted voice of reason until that finally proves too much when they are in full swing of the pub crawl and he unleashes some of the best quotes of the film.The Worlds End

The rest of the cast, Eddie Marsan, Paddy Considine and Martin Freeman all provide brilliant support and have plenty of time to shine throughout. The quick fired conversations between them all are definitely going to be missed first time round but quoted countless times in the future.

Things differ a touch this time round with the Pegg and Wright having structured this film a little differently than their previous. Different isn’t bad, it’s just… different. Some viewers may feel that the film is rather slow in getting to the goods but when things get going it’ll be like trying eat your Cornetto in a sauna. In other words, Wrights quick-snap style shifts up a gear like a pint being downed in one.

At times the story doesn’t really know where it’s heading and it would almost seem that some bits could have been lifted from a Doctor Who episode but this is their send up of the science fiction genre and of course they don’t skimp on the references. Sci-fi fans will be giddy at the well thought out nods to films such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Thing.

The Worlds EndThe Worlds End

Still, The Worlds End really does stand up with the likes of Shaun and Fuzz. No doubt it’ll end up on repeat in the DVD players when it comes out. At first it might not be what you had hoped for, but by the end you will be surprisingly moved as the underlying emotion that both rounded Shaun and Fuzz off is still here and maybe at an even higher notch.

The laughs are strong and quick like a dirty round of shots and the heart and emotion is heavy, really heavy. Like a stout.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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