Frightfest 2012 (Frightfest the 13th) Day 1 Review

Frightfest 2012 (Frightfest the 13th) started last night and as ever, we’re eager to bring you all the hot news.

The night began with The Seasoning House and included some other high profile releases such as [Rec]3 Genesis, Cockneys Vs Zombies and Grabbers.

Check out Zombie2’s first video entry below to find out a bit more about the night:

Look out for news on Frightfest 2012 Day 2 tomorrow…


Tom Atkinson

Tom is one of the editors at Love Horror. He has been watching horror for a worryingly long time, starting on the Universal Monsters and progressing through the Carpenter classics. He has a soft-spot for eighties horror.More

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