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Sleep Tight [Mientras Duermes] (2011) Review

Spanish director Jaume Balagueró made his name making the now infamous found footage frightener that is Rec and Rec 2. Taking a break from the undead brutality, Sleep Tight, which premiered at FrightFest 2012, is a whole other sort of horror but just as interesting and evocative.Read More

Chained (2012) Review

Being the daughter of director David Lynch you are instantaneously horror royalty. However with Chained, Jennifer Chambers Lynch not only proves she is a director and writer in her own right but that even someone as well connected as her can have trouble with big studios overruling personal vision.Read More

American Mary (2012) Review

The Soska sister’s American Mary was one of the most eagerly anticipated and well received films at FrightFest 2012. Foror many of the amassed audience it was their film of the fest. Sadly for me this story of surgery, revenge and extreme body enhancement was more of a botched nose job than a medical marvel.Read More

Tower Block (2012) Review

There is always one film at FrightFest that blindsides you, smashing expectations and giving you a fun, fright packed, thrill ride into the unexpected. 2011’s film was the awesome genre jumping Kill List and this year, it was Tower Block.Read More