Top 5 Films at Frightfest 2015 [video]

We’ve been talking a lot about Frightfest over the past Frightfest 2015few weeks. But it’s a hard thing to resist when we are fortunate enough to go along and experience the best horror film festival on the planet.

As part of our continued exposure of the films that were featured at Frightfest 2015, we bring you some more opinion on the best (and worst) films that featured there.

As the video below shows, two brave members of the Love Horror Family took the time between films to record their thoughts and feelings (rather than eating, sleeping or bathing).

Top 5 films at Frightfest

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Sam Casserly

After escaping his host and coming alive in the era of Video Nasties, Cannibal Casserly consumed all the terror he could get his stumpy little hands on. On the verge of releasing his first low budget horror feature, he lurks in the shadows to avoid the pitchforks of witch burning villagers. This misunderstood monster just wants to be your friend.

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