Argento Season on The Horror Channel

Dario Argento

Running from Friday 13th to Friday 27th May The Horror Channel is bringing you the best of Dario Argento in a season dedicated to the director and his work hosted by Argento expert and renowned horror journalist, author, broadcaster and Frightfest organiser Alan Jones.

When Alan met Dario Argento for the first time in 1982 on TENEBRAE he had no idea he would become a permanent fixture in Dario’s life, visiting all his subsequent film sets and writing the best-selling book ‘Profondo Argento’ about his career and the enigma he still presents to the world.

As Alan says: “I promised Dario on the day we met that I would always make sure his fans were kept reliably informed on his movies and future plans.

It’s a duty I have solidly adhered to and one I know his legion of fans have appreciated. Hosting the Argento season on The Horror Channel is yet another part of that commitment I made to bring his unique work to the attention of the widest possible audience.”

Stendhal Syndrome

Kicking off the season on Friday 13th May (10.55pm) is an uncut and uncensored version of THE STENDHAL SYNDROME starring Asia Argento (pictured) as Anna, a young police officer who sufferers from a rare hallucinatory disorder which causes her to blackout when looking at works of art, When she is incarcerated by the sadistic murderer she’s been sent to apprehend, she comes face to face with evil personified.

Alan Jones: “This is Incredibly strong stuff, brimming over with copious sexual violence, sadistic rape, razor-blade torture and extreme blood-letting. Argento’s most sustained seat-edged, nerve-jangling opening since SUSPIRIA”.


Next up on Fri 20th May is SLEEPLESS (10.55pm) which sees the director return to true giallo form in a nightmarish slasher movie of considerable style and tension. A retired police detective is forced back into action to try and solve the case of a serial killer Steel yourself for a bravura thrill ride of Argento patented murderous set pieces including a stunning opening sequence aboard a train.

Alan Jones: “A triumphant redefinition of his giallo roots, Argento’s symphony of terror goes for shock sensation with set-pieces that shimmer with well-crafted suspense for a full-throttle pulp friction work-out”

The Card Player

THE CARD PLAYER, starring Argento’s other daughter Fiore (pictured) closes the gut-churning season on Fri 27th May (10.55pm). In this giallo for the digital age a serial killer is at large in Rome, playing a deadly game with the city’s police. For every woman he kidnaps, the investigating offers are given the chance to win them back by entering a game of online poker, though losing results in the ultimate price being paid…

Alan Jones: “A unique twist of fate thriller containing some wonderfully choreographed classic Argento cat-and-mouse sequences, an often heart-stopping thrill ride”.

The Horror Channel is on Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138 For more info click Here

Read our full review of Argento’s The Card Player Here and check out the Trailer Below:


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