MurderDrome (2013) Review

Welcome to the world of roller derby! Yes, I’m serious! ‘Roller derby?!’ I hear you scream back at the screen in shock and bewilderment. I’m not joking (honestly, I’m a serial killer, you can trust me) don’t believe me, MurderDromeI will continue nonetheless…

Murderdrome promises shocks and gore in the high-octane world of roller derby, as a supernatural killer unleashes hell on the feisty female skaters in the world’s coolest rollerdrome.
Roller Derby sensation Cherry Skye is totally in love with competing in her favourite sport until she meets her love interest, Brad and sparks fly.
However, Brad’s ex, ‘Hell Grazer’ is her roller derby nemesis and is not happy about their mutual admiration in the slightest. The chemistry between Cherry and Brad arouses a malevolent demon spirit, which is hungry for human souls. Needless to say the spirit’ Momma Skate’ is hellbent on persecuting anyone involved in the roller derby sport, for reasons which become apparent as the film progresses.

What challenges face Cherry in her quest to send Momma Skate back to hell?
Will love triumph over evil?
Will anyone live to tell the tale?
All these questions and more will be answered as if you purchase and watch the DVD. As much as I would love to give out a spoiler or two, the Love Horror bosses have told me that if I do they’ll supply the location of my house with built in torture dungeon to the local feds. I really don’t want that happening. No sir-ee!

muderdrome 2013 movie

I did like the fact that in Murderdrome the women are real and not fake, pneumatically induced bimbos with blond hair, stunning figures and looks to die for. They are raw, normal looking fun and freaky girls. It really made a refreshing change to see ladies with figures not stick thin and looking refreshingly average.

Whilst the acting from some of the cast left a lot to be desired, the overall feel of the movie and the hark back to the 1980s gave me warm, nostalgic feelings at times and reminded me of my youth, spent hiring videos from my friend’s Dad’s video store. If did I have one criticism of Daniel Armstrong’s script and direction, it’s that there’s not enough time given to explain the story in more detail. This results in the viewer being left feeling that they’ve spent 70 minutes of their time watching a film which, by lacking a meaty story, could easily be forgotten.

murderdrome film australian

Having done some research into the production of Murderdrome it appears that there were a lot of obstacles to cross, and this would seem to have had a detrimental effect on the overall vision Daniel wished to present to us. But the whole trick even with budget movies is to tell a story which will not only captivate, but also sell by word of mouth. The hope being that it would turn into a cult movie and be watched in years to come.
Murderdrome could have fulfilled this promise with a little more care and attention in pre-production.

So what extras do I get with the DVD? For once you get quite a good selection of extras…

  • Picture In Picture Commentary
  • VFX Breakdown
  • Gag N Stack Reel
  • Short – From Parts Unknown
  • Music Videos – 4 Music Videos from artists featured on the soundtrack to Murderdrome.

Who would want to buy this film? Well fans of low budget Aussie horror, roller derby enthusiasts, punk rockers and fans of comedy, as there are some genuine comedic moments, which with a more experience cast would have presented a much greater vision.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

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