The Open Door (2008) Review

the open door 2008 movieAngelica (Cathrine Georges) is a typical high school girl with very typical high school problems. However like any other teenager she believes her trivial tribulations are the most important things in the world. Balancing her parent’s aspirations, school work and her new relationship with the only non ‘meat head’ on the football squad is made even more difficult by the fact that now that she’s popular, every testosterone fuelled guy is out to claim her.

Teenage disaster strikes when her parents ban her from going to the party of the year, and her so called BFF – popular crowd queen bee Staci (Sarah Christine Smith) – tries to steal her man. Crushed and despairing, stuck at home, she remembers a high school urban legend telling of a mysterious pirate radio station which appears on full moons and grants listeners their hearts desire.

Idly twiddling the dial she discovers the station is real. Driven by teenage angst and anger calls up and declares her deepest darkest desires of revenge on everyone that has stopped her getting what she wants. Little does Angelica know that her vow has unleashed a powerful evil force, which will attempt to make her words a reality whatever the cost. Even if it has to kills all of her friends to do it.

the open door 2008 film

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the LA Shriekfest, and Best Feature Film at Horror UK (among other awards) The Open Door proves the age old adage ‘you should be careful what you wish for’. Especially when you are a teenage girl, prone to over reaction and hyperbole.the open door 2008 dvd cover

Coming over like a Halloween special of The Hills, or Wishmaster staring the cast of Gossip Girl, this is a low budget horror movie which concentrates a little too much on the high school life and not enough on the spooks and scares.

Written and directed by Doc Duhame, who has spent most of his years in Hollywood as a stunt man, the characters are all a little too clichéd and the story takes a little too long to build up.

When the horror finally does start however it is not too badly done. There are some okay make up effects and scares, the most entertaining of which is in a scene involving a possessed glass of milk!

Although the urban legend idea has been featured in many horrors before, from Candyman to The Amityville Horror to the Urban Legend films, The Open Door takes its cues more from demonic possession movies – most notably The Entity and Poltergeist.

Stylistically Duhame has obviously been heavily influenced by The Evil Dead, with his directorial debut featuring a ‘demon eye view’ camera shoot and characters possessions strikingly similar to those in Raimi’s masterpiece.

the open door 2008 movie

A low budget horror with a reasonable cast, this is a movie that will appeal to a teen audience who can perhaps sympathise with the seemingly meaningless and facile problems of the main character.
For anyone else the unoriginality and so-so scares of this film will probably make you wish you had kept The Open Door firmly closed.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

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