Exorcismus (2010) Review

exorcismus movie 2010 film It’s quite a common occurance in horror films nowadays. A teenage girl starts acting all crazy, throwing things about etc. So the parents worry and call in a specialist, thinking that she’s just hormonal and next thing we know, her head is spinning and a priest is battling for her soul.

When Emma Evans starts acting ‘weird’ it’s thought that perhaps her behaviour is a result of over-bearing, over-protective parenting. To blame convulsions on this psychological hypothesis seems a bit curious, exorcismus movie 2010 film dvd coverbut there you go. As you’d expect in this kind of movie, Emma is referred to a psychologist, but he drops dead before he has a chance to diagnose her.
Bad luck perhaps? Or is it that Emma can kill people with a strange evil power that she possesses (or that possesses her?)

Things get a bit out of control, and Emma’s uncle, who is a rebel preist (aren’t they always) steps in to see whats going on. After they witness her floating about a bit, they decide that yes, she probably is possessed by a demon.

And thus the battle for Emma’s soul really begins. So, another movie that looks to follow in the footsteps of that legendary horror film that is The Exorcist. There are almost too many pretenders to this possession throne to list, so I won’t. In fact, we have at least 5 such films on Love Horror, and we’re pretty choosy with what we allow on the site.

exorcismus movie 2010 film exorcismus movie 2010 film

Exorcismus has little more to offer than its predecessors. If you’re tired of seeing angst ridden grumpy teens speaking with a scary voice and rolling their eyes about, then it’s unlikely that this film will excite you.

Strangely, it’s a Spanish made film, set in London, which gives it something a little different I guess. Although at times, the dialogue seems to suffer as a result of the translation.
Filmax are also responsible for [Rec] and [Rec]2, you’d expect something equally as original and terrifying. Sadly though, Exocismus doesn’t have a great deal of new features to offer, aside from a bit of blood vomiting, and there isn’t enough of that to have a lasting impact.

exorcismus movie 2010 film
They're a delicacy in Spain, apparently...

Perfomances are good, with the cast giving it their all. Sadly though, their efforts are just a little dilluted by the fact that the viewer always has a good idea of what’s around the corner.

Exorcismus isn’t disappointing as such. It’s of high quality and does deliver a few scares. But in a world that is already saturated with possession films, producers need to offer viewers something more than just the head turning, hair pulling, gutteral screaming norm.

Movie Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

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