Interview with Joshua Dickinson from The Mirror

mirror3Welcome to our first of four fear filled interviews with the writer, director and cast of brand new British found footage horror The Mirror, which premiered at this years FrightFest.

First to talk to us is actor Joshua Dickinson who plays Matt one of the three flat mates who purchase an allegedly haunted mirror from Ebay in order to win a competition to prove paranormal activity actually exists and get a who lot more than they bargained for in the process.

Interview with Joshua Dickinson from The Mirror

How did you get involved with The Mirror?

I was offered the part after a crazy fun audition with Nate (Fallows, ’Steve’) where where we almost tore the casting director’s front room apart. It seemed to please Ed and he offered us the roles!

The Mirror is based on a true story of an eBay auction of a haunted mirror. Did you get a chance to see the mirror or talk to the guys involved and what did you think of their story and their evidence?

We had a couple of hours alone with them the day before we started shooting. Being a skeptic I was interested in their story but from an actor’s perspective focussed my questions on how their experience affected their relationship.

How would you describe the character you play and the terrifying experience they go through?themirror

I knew how Matt’s journey would end so I wanted to start with him at the opposite end of the spectrum. He’s a fun, positive guy who gets excited easily and wants to keep people smiling. As the mirror (and what’s possessing it) starts taking hold of him, that outward energy turns inward as he tries to understand what’s happening to him until he completely shuts himself off.

There are only three main characters in the whole film, how did you get along with your fellow cast members and what was it like filming predominantly in one location with them on every shot?

The three of us were very different which really helps with improvising because you need conflicting ideas being thrown around to keep sparking interesting turns in the scene. Despite the claustrophobia the shoot created we got along just fine. You can’t hide too much behind a character when improvising so we got to know each other pretty well during the course of the shoot.

What where the challenges you found in making a found footage film?

The biggest challenge was keeping the long scenes on a good track take after take. Some things were good to repeat but others you want to leave behind. A lot of times it’s out of your control as you’re just trying to be have a realistic responsive to the extraordinary events or what the other actors come up with.

The film premiered at FrightFest did you enjoy the horror festival?

Absolutely. These are the die-hard horror fans, they’re connoisseurs so it’s good to get the experts’ feedback.

aSAsLove Horror: Do you believe in the paranormal and has anything supernatural ever happened to you?

I don’t believe.

What is your favorite horror film and why?

I really like ‘The Ring’. It’s a scary suspense thriller but has twisted heart to it. You pity Samara, I do anyway.

What’s next for you?

It’s all meetings at the moment.

And lastly if you came back trapped as a spirit in a haunted mirror where would you want to be hung and who would you want to haunt?

I would like to be the first ghost in space, so I would haunt the ISS (International Space Station). Good views.

Look out for our interviews with Jemma Dallender, Nate Fallows and writer and director Ed Boase in the next few days and check out the trailer below:


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