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In case you didn’t know, Clive Barker is an acclaimed horror writer responsible for an array of horror movies, most famous for the well know Hellraiser series. Now he is back in full force with his new film ‘DREAD’ a psychological horror where the divide between the living and the dead becomes dangerously blurred – with brutal and bloody consequences.

Based on Clive Barker’s short story, Dread is a psychological thriller centering on three college students who study other people’s fears. As the study progresses, one of the students begins to seek salvation from his obsession by exploiting the terrors of his fellow participants.

Get your copy of DREAD now or why not have all 3 in the Clive Barker Triple Pack including ‘Dread’, ‘Book of Blood’ and the blood curdling ‘Midnight Meat Train’:

To celebrate this release out 29th March we have 2 copies of his recent movie Book of Blood to give away on region 2 DVD. AND best of all, they’re signed by Clive Barker himself! In his own BLOOD!
Okay, not in his own blood, but with a pen – still just as cool really.

For your chance to win this rare and wonderful prize, just answer the following question:

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