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Hellraiser: Revelations (2011) Review

For the unwitting audience first witnessing Clive Barker’s original Hellraiser in cinemas back in 1987 it would probably be very hard to believe that this sado-masochistic splatter fest would go on to spawn 9 sequels over the next 30 years plus.Read More

Nicholas Vince chats ahead of Horror Channel’s broadcast of HELLRAISER

Ahead of Horror Channel’s broadcast of HELLRAISER and HELLRAISER II: Nicholas Vince, who played the Chatterer Cenobite, reflects on tackling monsters, his new one-man show and his love of Vincent Price Horror Channel are broadcasting HELLRAISER and HELLRAISER II: HELLBOUND. How does it feel being part of such an iconic franchise? I feel extremely fortunate. […]Read More

Nightbreed (1990) Review

For years Nightbreed has haunted me. Like the main character Aaron Boone I have dreamt of the monsters of Midian and this amazing adaptation of Clive Barker’s novella Cabal written and directed by the author himself, which I saw at a hugely influential age and always ranked among my favourite horror films.Read More

Nicholas Vince to explore his ‘monstrous world’ in new one-man

Genre legend Nicholas Vince, famed for his roles as ‘Chatterer’ in Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER and ‘Kinski’ in NIGHTBREED, is to open the London Horror Festival with his one-man show, I AM MONSTERS! He will be performing for three nights only – from 8th October to 10th October, 7pm. Tickets are now on sale. https://www.pleasance.co.ukRead More