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John Carpenter’s The Thing is a legendary horror film. Fact.

Even all these years after its release, it’s still recognised by many to be one of the best horror films ever made. There’s no surprise then that a sequel or prequel would eventually follow, and that prequel will be available on Blu Ray DVD and Download from 26th March. Something to get pretty excited about!

Win screening tickets to see THE THING – available to own March 26

Ever wondered what really happened during the events the thingleading up to the original film The Thing?
Get ready to find out where it all began as the chilling prequel to John Carpenter’s sci-fi horror classic crashes onto Blu-ray with Digital Copy, DVD and download to own on March 26. Pre-order your copy here

To celebrate the release on March 26, we’re giving you the chance to attend an exclusive double bill screening on March 21st at a central London location, where you will get to watch both the 1982 original classic and this year’s gripping prequel on the big screen back to back!

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Final Destination 3, Death Proof), Sam Carter (King Arthur, Star Wars Episode II and III) and Eric Christian Olsen (The Back Up Plan, Not Another Teen Movie, Hot Chick), The Thing sees a group of research scientists accidentally stumbling on the existence of a frozen alien craft in remote Antarctica. Follow the horrifying fall-out of a decision to bring the craft and its deep-frozen inhabitant back to base camp as the scientists battle to contain the terror they have unwittingly unleashed.


To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to this exclusive double bill screening on Wednesday March 21st in London just answer the following question…


The original 1982 movie The Thing is directed by which director?

a. Wez Carven
b. John Carpenter
c. Spike Lee



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