Vibrating Seats Add Extra Dimension to Films

3D cinema has been a resounding success, enticing people away from pirate DVD’s and encouraging them back into the theatres.

But how do you improve on that feeling that the events vibrating seatson screen are ‘coming out at you’? By adding a forth dimension – touch – that’s how.

The D-BOX vibrating seats, which have adjustable controls, vibrate in reponse to the film with frame by frame precision to further emerse the viewer in the film experience.

They’re set to be trialled at a number of cinemas across the UK, and are currently in use at Cineworld, Glasgow, where they have proved to be very popular.
It looks likely that around 10% of the seats in the theatres will be vibrating ones, meaning that it’s not a mandatory thing. And they don’t come cheap either, with the Cineworld D-Box tickets coming in at £5.50 more than the regular 3D experience.

In the US, the vibrating seats were used to promote the release of the erotic film, 3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy.


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