Two Heads Creek (2019) Review

**Contains Spoilers**

Twins, Norman and Annabelle embark on a trip from hell to Australia in search of their biological mother. However, once they arrive in the dilapidated, Two Heads Creek and are acquainted with the unsavoury locals, their true horror is about to begin.

Two Heads Creek is a typical backwoods horror that isn’t meant to take itself too seriously and is marketed as a comedy/horror. The problem is the humour falls flat on its backside as quite rightly, casual racism packaged as played for laughs is tremendously unfunny.

In the beginning, we meet Norman (Jordan Walker), a timid butcher upholding the family business. From the get-go, we are greeted with crass, vulgar imagery as Norman’s adoptive mother was Polish and this is an exaggerated view of a run-down, post-Brexit Britain where stereotypical “chavs” lug shit at his window and inflict xenophobic abuse at him and the business.

This sets the tone for what’s to come as despite enduring discrimination towards their own family’s nationality, events are only set to get worse when Norman, accompanied by his spoiled twin sister, Annabelle (Kathryn Wilder) arrive in Australia. After getting on the bus to deliver them to their destination, Annabelle makes underhanded remarks about the Asian people on the bus and proceeds to dig herself further into a hole. If this is what is classed as a comedy, then it’s shameful and not the satirical angle the filmmakers were assumingly going for.

From this point, the film leaves a bad taste in the mouth, and no that isn’t a metaphor for the cannibalistic intentions of the Two Heads Creek locals. The plot is effectively run-of-the-mill for this kind of film, Norman and Annabelle unwantedly go snooping around and the locals do not react too kindly, resulting in a bloodbath. Surprisingly, the film is restrained in the gore stakes for longer than expected.

It is ultra-gory in a cartoony sense during the latter stages of the film, however, it’s the intent behind the plot to “get rid of the immigrants” that comes off as offensive.

As established, the comedy in this film is misjudged, ill-thought-out, and catered to a weird kind of racist humour.

The entire film from the script and execution is beyond cringeworthy but thankfully at an hour and 25 minutes doesn’t outstay its welcome for too long. The opening title credits are creative, using animation to convey the chaos that’s about to ensure, it’s a shame that the rest of the film didn’t live up to expectation.

Two Heads Creek had the potential to be a fun, popcorn horror flick but instead took the cheap and embarrassing route.

FrightFest Presents and Signature Entertainment present Two Heads Creek on Digital HD September 7th

Movie Rating: ★

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 



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