Blood Car (2007) Review

It’s the future, and rocketing fuel costs have left cars almost redundant. The only people that can afford to drive are the super rich.

Archie is a peace loving, vegan school teacher who dreams of creating a truly earth friendly engine that can run off wheatgrass and make driving affordable once more.
Growing increasingly frustrated by the project, Archie accidentally discovers (after cutting himself on some apparatus) that blood is the missing ingredient and before long he’s driving around town n his wheatgrass/blood fuelled car.

Blood Car film 2007
Need a ride?

However, the car is thirsty. Drunk on his new celebrity-like car driving status and driven by greed our vegan friend finds himself having to look for increasing amounts of blood, resorting to dark acts to secure it.
Before long he has all but forgotten his vegan, peaceful principles and is ruthlessly hunting for flesh to keep his wheels turning.

Blood Car isn’t your usual low budget horror film. Yes, the acting isn’t the greatest, yes the effects are cheap, and yes the scripting and story are amateurish.
But after being forced to sit through countless other similar bargain bin destined films Blood Car surprised me. It just has something. Something you can’t put your finger on that just makes it very watchable and even enjoyable.

blood car blood car engine

Some of this magic could be attributed to the humour, as it does have some amusing scenes – Archie hunting small pets with an air rifle for fuel being one of the best.
That said though, it wasn’t a hilarious film, in the same way that it wasn’t scary, it wasn’t overly gory and it wasn’t filled with twists, shocks and surprises.

The key to Blood Car’s success appears to be the balance. It doesn’t try to be something that it isn’t. It doesn’t punch above its weight in any department and it becomes quickly apparent that the team working on it had a really good understanding of what they were working on together.

Alex Orr (director, writer, producer) couldn’t have asked for a better directorial (full length) debut which is confusing as it seems that he hasn’t written or directed anything since.

Blood car horror 2007

If you do come across Blood Car whilst perusing the lesser visited regions of your video store or perhaps the lesser visited pages of your favourite online DVD retailer, give Blood Car a try.
It’s odd, it’s fun and it doesn’t deserve to be underestimated.

I should also point out that it beat the likes of The Woman to win ‘Film of the Night’ at our Halloween Horror Movie Marathon last year. What more proof do you need?

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 



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