The Mad Woman In The AtticA few months back, the office that we rent had a heating problem. As most of the pipe work runs through the ceiling space, an engineer was called to get through the maintenance hatch and fix the issue... More


Fright (1971)

It seems that if you watch any British film from the 1970’s you will chance upon some familiar faces. Well, Fright is a veritable feast of familiarity: George Cole and Dennis Waterman, together for the first time, before the dizzy heights of Minder; Honor Blackman, way after her appearance as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger; even […]Read More

Gore Possession

Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat (2002)

Herschell Gordon Lewis is the undisputed king of cheap bloody horror. Fact. The 1960s and early 70s were his heyday, and during that time he churned out a steady stream of trashy, gory, smutty flicks with amazing titles like Color Me Blood Red (1965), The Gruesome Twosome (1967) and, of course, The Wizard of Gore […]Read More


Dying Breed (2008)

Many horror films claim to be based on true stories, hoping to scare us further with the old adage that the truth is scarier than anything made up. Some of these claims are valid, and more often than not some horrendous biopic of one of the many serial killers that have sprung from American soil […]Read More


Awaken the Dead (2007)

Awaken the Dead could have the shortest review ever: Worst. Nu-metal video. Ever. But, seeing as I made the effort to watch it, I might as well say something else. Though, pretty much all you need to know about it is contained within those four words.Read More