The Mad Woman In The AtticA few months back, the office that we rent had a heating problem. As most of the pipe work runs through the ceiling space, an engineer was called to get through the maintenance hatch and fix the issue... More

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Inside (2007)

Looking for something gruesome and ghastly to watch this Halloween? Something to sicken you? Something to leave you whimpering in the corner, crying out for High School Musical? Well, Inside/À l’intérieur is the relentlessly grim movie for you.Read More

Gore Monsters

Pig Hunt (2008) Review

Pig Hunt promises many things: enormous killer pigs, hunting, rednecks, a small arsenal of weaponry, scantily dressed babes, and fields of marijuana (and that’s just the poster). It also follows in the footsteps of a very particular strain of American filmmaking, one that pits man against the elements, adventure against terror and the noble instincts […]Read More

Gore Monsters

The Burrowers (2008)

A new horror film that isn’t a remake? A creature feature without gallons of CGI? The Burrowers is quite the breath of fresh air, and not only because it’s also a western. Yes, you read right. That’s fields, horses, men on the trail, Native Americans, period costumes and monsters.Read More

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Wicked Little Things (2006)

Wicked Little Things has a very important lesson to teach us all. Zombie/Ghost children are terrifying. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter how hokey or obvious the plot, if you get your monster right then you will succeed in scaring the pants off your audience. It’s surprising how many horror filmmakers seem to neglect this.Read More

Ghosts Psychological

Mirrors (2008) Review

Films like this often make me wonder why people still insist on putting things where they clearly shouldn’t be, building over psychiatric hospitals/Indian burial grounds/portals to hell and so on. I think we have enough evidence to just say, if something bad happened somewhere it should be levelled (certainly not investigated) before the land is […]Read More