The Mad Woman In The AtticA few months back, the office that we rent had a heating problem. As most of the pipe work runs through the ceiling space, an engineer was called to get through the maintenance hatch and fix the issue... More

Infection Zombies

[REC] (2007) Review

So, is Spanish horror the new Japanese horror? Where once films coming out of Japan (and Korea) were the new source of effortlessly and mindblowingly scary, not to mention ripe to be snapped up for an American remake, it seems that the Spanish are quickly catching up. [Rec] certainly contributes to this feeling. Judging by […]Read More


The Cave (2005)

I’m not really into extreme sports. And one such dangerous activity is ‘cave diving’. As if crawling through unexplored caves, which could be endless, could collapse at any time, and have no mobile reception isn’t scary enough, some people like to swim in them. If you don’t like the whole idea, then this film is […]Read More