Me & My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse (2015) Review

Unknown-1I bet you’ve wondered where I’ve been? Sorry I’ve not been about but I kind of wound up in trouble with the law.

They caught on to my Cut N Slashing and I had to relocate to somewhere more private and secluded! Now I’ve sorted out somewhere to hide, I thought I would get back to viewing and reviewing! That’s enough about me.

What treat have we got in store for your viewing pleasure today? Goes by the name of Me And My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse!

So what’s it about I hear you cry? You really want to know? Really? Okay! I’ll let you know!

Darryl and Joel decide to meet and take refuge in the telephone tower they both work at as engineers. Deciding they will be better off drunk than facing the zombie apocalypse head on, they try to fetch the beer from the back of Joel’s ute (Which for those who are not Australian, is a van!).

images-2Unfortunately for them, their boss Roy’s dead wife is in the back. No party for them eh! They have no choice but to shoot her in the head. It’s not like Roy is going to turn up is it? How wrong could they be?


Roy turns up with his daughter Emma in tow, with a zombie who has grown far too attached to Roy for his own good. They deal with the zombie but soon have to deal with Roy’s apprentices Ryan and Lachlan. Both Darryl and Lachlan have the hots for Emma and she seems to have no problem with sharing her love with them both. With Joel as their only hope of contacting the military and escaping the zombie horde forming outside, it looks like all hope is lost! Or is it?…

So what did you think of the film then?

M&MMVTZA is pretty good for what has been called Australia’s first zombie comedy. It could have been just your average run of the mill zombie movie, but there are moments in it that genuinely make you laugh. The majority of the movie is based at the telephone exchange but I think this actually adds to its charm, because it allows you to get to know each character and form a relationship with them (Not that kind of relationship silly, let’s leave that to Emma, she loves them?). There are some fine comedic performances from Alex Williamson as Darryl and Greg Fleet as Roy. Darryl constantly puts his foot in it with Roy and he digs a bigger and bigger hole with every word that comes out of his mouth. Adele Vuko as Emma has a promising career ahead of her and turned in a great performance as Roy’s troubled daughter who takes the motto share and share alike quite literally!images-1

Writer and director, Declan Shrubb has produced quite a watchable film with next to no budget (I believe around the £50,000 mark) and looks set to have a promising career as a director, if Me & My Mates is anything to go by. I had no hesitation in believing we were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse without the usual mega budget explosions and cast of 1000s. I hope there is a sequel as I really would like to find out what happens to the characters and that’s very rare with this psychopath!


So would you buy it then?

Most definitely! I had a great laugh throughout the film and felt like I was on a fun trip. I would recommend the film to lovers of zombie comedy and Australians! If you like your movies low budget and full of cheese and sleaze, you’ve come to the right place. Only disappointment for me was there were no extras on the review DVD!!!

Movie Rating: ★★★½☆ 



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