Black Water Vampire (2014) Review

Black Water Vampire

Opening with the police footage from the 2003 discovery of a murdered woman in the Black Water woods, we are told that not only does the body have a large bite mark on the neck, but it has been drained of all blood.

Flash forward to 2012 and a gang of filmmakers are making a documentary on the Black Water murders. This was the gruesome killing of 4 women over 40 years that all share the same strange circumstances, all of which remain unanswered even though the psychotically unstable Raymond Banks (Bill Oberst Jr.) has admitted to the killings and been imprisoned.

Local girl Danielle (Danielle Lozeau) doesn’t believe that Raymond committed the murders. She hopes her film will uncover the dark truth and after interviewing a number of locals and experiencing some spooky goings on the fearsome foursome head into the Black Water woods on a three day trek to one of the murder sites.

Black Water Vampire

With conspiracy theories and tales of monsters ringing in their ears the film crew is apprehensive but little do they know that what awaits them in the wicked woods will not only answer all their questions but ultimately ruin all of their lives.Black Water Vampire

It would be easy to simply disregard Black Water Vampire as yet another faux documentary horror devoid of ideas and originality however that would be unfair as although these fact are true it is also a well-made effective horror movie.

Compared to some of the dire, derivative and simply dreadful offerings to be found in the found footage genre Black Water Vampire works well with a solid cast and competent direction from first time helmer and script writer Evan Tramel.

Tramel crams in all the usual clichés of the genre including shaky camera work, filming when it’s not needed, night vision shots and getting lost in the woods while also referencing some stand out horrors such as Blair Witch and Rosemary’s Baby but as a whole the movie works well injecting a definite air of creeping dread to the proceedings while offering up a few good jumps.

Black Water Vampire Black Water Vampire

The vampire (oh sorry did I spoil that twist for you!) is very well done with good make up and special effects and its design, which is more animalistic and reminiscent of the classic and still creepy Nosferatu, is refreshing compared to the slick human vampires we are all so tired of seeing.

As found footage movies go Black Water Vampire is far above the average and although it may not be as imaginative as Troll Hunter or as innovative as The Bay or Lake Mungo fans of the genre should certainly seek this out.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 



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