Well after watching similar movies, which have begun with the main American characters travelling to Colombia, venturing into the Amazon Rainforest – for only then to disappear, mainly due to the indigenous populations, I thought I was going to be in for the same type of experience with ‘Out Of The Dark’.

However, I have to say that this film seems to take a different approach and a different method with its story. But unfortunately, for me, the story is where the problems start. Even though the movie had a few similarities with the 2004 horror movie ‘Hide and Seek’, that is its only saving grace.


The screenplay, written by Javier Gullón, David Pastor and Àlex Pastor, did have a number of interesting perspectives. But sadly, maybe for reasons that I will never know, this creative collaboration, and other factors may have contributed to the confusing plot.imgres

Nevertheless apart from the story, the beautiful scenery of Columbia and the Amazonian Rainforest came across quite magnificently, with the lush greenery, forests and skyline. The director, Lluís Quílez, did a great job on this aspect of the movie, and the accompanying soundtrack by Luna Orullosa is well worked.

From what I could gather while watching ‘Out Of The Dark’, the plot centres on the young girl Hannah Harriman, played excellently by (Pixie Davies). Hannah’s own imaginary world, which broadens in her new home in Columbia, is the set piece for various misadventures, which envelop around her.

And we have the usual scares, special effect visuals, and darkened atmospheric centrepieces that are awash with bandaged-faced-ghosts and entities moving amongst it. In addition, we have the windswept lightening sprayed rainforest to give extra suspense and fear.


Along with (Pixie Davies), Sarah Harriman (Julia Stiles), and Paul Harriman (Scott Speedman), are fine in their roles as the parents of Hannah.

And with the parents interplay, gradually, Sarah and Scott become aware of the legends and history of the town they are now living in, and also of a sinister company behind events in the surrounding Colombian Rainforest. This company is manipulating the local population for its own personal gain, and it is using its profits to cause further distress to anyone who gets in its way. Add to that, the locals frequent referencing of the Spanish Conquistadors, that cruel colonising force from the 1490s, who persecuted their ancestors, and you realise their bitterness and resentment they feel at the company and its present day interference in their rituals and way of life – are wholly justified.


But apart from that, and other components of the story, I became disinterested during the latter stages of the movie, mainly due to the haphazard avenues the plot spins towards.
And really, that is all I can really write about ‘Out of the Dark’.

The movie had some good points to it. It was well made and filmed to a high standard. However, I was left perplexed after it had finished, which was a disappointment. Nonetheless I still think ‘Out Of The Dark’ is worth a watch, because maybe it will appeal to a certain group of genre fans.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 



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