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The Lighthouse (2019) Review

After his debut directing feature The Witch caused such a stir in 2015 everyone wondered how wunderkind Robert Eggers would follow up such a fantastic film. The answer is with a weird and warped journey into insanity set in a lighthouse in the late 19th century.Read More

The New Twilight Zone: The Complete Collection Competition

One of television’s all-time greatest sci-fi series has finally arrived on 13-disc DVD boxset – the truly breathtaking ‘The New Twilight Zone: The Complete Collection’. To celebrate the release we have a copy to give away to one lucky winner! Featuring an unbelievably stellar line-up of creative talent including Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, […]Read More

Twilight Breaking Dawn – Hor-rant

We here at LoveHorror are not big Twilight fans. In fact its safe to say that we think the films suck in every sense of the word, except that is, in any real vampire sense of the word of course.Read More

Shiver (2008) Review

Santi (Juilo Valverde) is a teenager with a quite serious aversion to sunlight – it literally burns his skin on contact – and along with a discreet pair of fangs, it’s no surprise he’s the school outcast.Read More

Dead Cert (2010) & Life Blood (2010) – The Beginning

When 30 Days of Night was released back in 2007 there was a distinct possibility that it would herald a new trend of vampires in art and boost the popularity of the once notorious monster – then somewhat overshadowed in a decade largely defined by Zombie movies and, by association, Bush era trepidation.Read More