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Antiviral (2012) Review

Syd March works for the Lucas Clinic, a company that sells exclusive infections from the bodies of celebrities – a “biological communion” with the famous. Despite the Clinic’s obsessive security in ‘copy-protecting’ their products, Syd has been using his own body to smuggle new infections onto the black market.Read More

Dexter Season 7 – Finale Review

With the close of season seven Dexter has managed to claw itself back up to something approaching its old form. It also feels as if the show has reached something like a point of no return, with Deb gradually realising the gruesome extent of Dexter’s activities over the past few years.Read More

Dexter Season 7 – Mid-Season Review

We’ve arrived at the half-way point of Dexter season seven – finally here in the UK on FOX – marked by the pretty inappropriate sight of Dexter jumping his victim Hannah McKay on an execution table in a snowy Santa’s Grotto. If the moment bordered a bit on the ridiculous it wasn’t helped by the […]Read More

Monster Brawl (2011) Review

Alien Vs Predator? Freddy Vs Jason? Godzilla Vs King Kong? Taking the Versus movie to its ultimate conclusion, Monster Brawl has one stupidly simple and enticing concept: movie monsters taking to the ring in a mockumentary ‘fight of the living dead’.Read More

The Victim (2006) Review

Apparently it’s common practice for police in Thailand to have suspects visit the crime scene and re-enact the deed for the media. This is not likely to do their defense cases much good but it makes a curious opening scenario for The Victim, as Ting a young aspiring actress, is recruited by the Police Crimes […]Read More

Dexter – Season 6 (2011) Review

Dexter is one of the very best tv shows of the last few years and after much acclaim and a heap of awards – not to mention esteemed guest actors such as John Lithgow, Julia Stiles and Peter Weller – now comes the release of its sixth season on DVD. At this late point in any show’s life it can be […]Read More