After floating adrift in deep space for many years aboard the Sulaco, Jonesy eventually crashed to earth. The cryogenic suspension was de-activated and what emerged from the wreckage was a highly evolved, alien hybrid feline... More

Death Bell (2008) Review

High school is hard… In fact, somewhere between the raging hormones, social battles and educational pressure, it is a kind of Hell – a torturous prison that incarcerates, for six hours out of the day, unwilling teenage masses.Read More

Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010) Review

‘It’s the American Shaun of the Dead’…a statement you will no doubt have heard one to many times in relation to vaguely entertaining comedy horrors released in the wake of Edgar Wright’s fanboy classic.Read More

Fading of the Cries (2011)

Mixing teen romance, occult terror, anime violence, mid nineties nu-goth moping and one ghostly revenge tale, this action horror from writer/director Brian Metcalf was doomed from its conception.Read More

Julia’s Eyes (2010) Review

Those who have ever had the pleasure of viewing a Spanish Soap Opera, or Telenovela, know the irresistibility of their execution – twisting character arcs and wild, bombastic storylines are serviced by acting that’s more histrionic than the gargantuan bellows of Brian Blessed.Read More