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I Am Toxic [Soy tóxico] (2018) Review

Directors Daniel de la Vega and Pablo Parés post-apocalyptic Argentinian zombie movie Soy tóxico aka I am Toxic brings a lot more to the genre than first meets the eye as we open on a wasteland littered with dead bodies and a stranger stirring amongst them.Read More

When One Zombie Series Just Isn’t Enough

Trust Stephen King – the king of horror – to be the pioneering figure in what has now become a staple in popular culture – the Zombie series. Spanning over multiple films and television adaptations, this idea of a post-apocalyptic world where the dead aren’t quite dead, and humans are forced to face their deceased […]Read More

Mayhem (2017) Review

Sometimes a film’s title really sums it up and this is most definitely the case with Joe Lynch’s Mayhem. Its amazing opening features the voice over of Derek Cho (Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun) explaining to the audience the workings of the ID-7 virus, or the Red Eye virus as its more commonly, known which destroys […]Read More