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Come to Daddy (2019) Review

Elijah Wood stars as Norval Greenwood, a 30-something, recovering alcohol dependent who has been summoned to a remote location to reconnect with his estranged father in Ant Timpson’s darkly brilliant thriller, Come to Daddy.Read More

The ABC’s of Death (2012) Review

 The horror anthology film is a wonderful thing. As discussed extensively in our Black Sabbath review, horror is one of the only genre’s where a collection of short stories all around the same subject really works and with VHS and the soon to be released VHS2 reigniting interest in the concept it seems The ABC’s […]Read More

Learn your ABCs of Death

Monster Pictures has now announced the full list of extras that will be included on the UK 2-disc DVD & Blu-ray edition release of The ABCs of Deaths on 22 July and boy do they spell out a delightful dealing of death.Read More

Ti West Talks House of the Devil and More

With the Horror Channel broadcasting his much acclaimed supernatural shocker The House of the Devil on Friday February 17th at 22:55 director Ti West the man behind <a href="http://lovehorror.co.uk/the-innkeepers-2011-review">The Inkeepers</a> and The Roost reveals his love for his UK fans, lying to Larry Fessenden and when lightening nearly struck.Read More