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Isolation 119 (2015) Review

Isolation 119 is a low budget indie horror with high aspirations. The project is a first time outing for writer, director and star Kevin Baker who puts many to shame where effort and perseverance are concerned.Read More

My Ex (2010) Review

My Ex probably isn’t Thailand’s first horror movie, but it certainly seems like they’ve discovered horror tropes for the first time, and are keen to use them over and over.Read More

The Victim (2006) Review

Apparently it’s common practice for police in Thailand to have suspects visit the crime scene and re-enact the deed for the media. This is not likely to do their defense cases much good but it makes a curious opening scenario for The Victim, as Ting a young aspiring actress, is recruited by the Police Crimes […]Read More

The House (2007) Review

It’s been a while since my last entry. Rest assured; the atrocities that so often make mince meat out of the victims of horror films have not befallen me. Or have I risen from the dead?Read More

Phobia / 4bia [See Prang] (2008)

Have you got a phobia? Heights? spiders? How about if your phobia was horror movies! That would be weird with you visiting Love Horror and everything. Actually, Phobia isn’t about ‘phobias’ as such. I’m guessing that it was a translation thing where ‘fears’ was probably more accurate. Shame huh?Read More