Kill R B Killed

Being a survivalist you have to learn how to survive. ‘Kill or be killed’ is not only a necessity it’s a way of life. Hence the decision for one man to adopt the moniker after fighting his way through an endless torrent of the undead when he found himself in a world overtaken by a zombie virus...More

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Review

I remember sitting down in a packed cinema room in Leicester Square watching another Blumhouse Productions spine-tingler, Sinister, critiquing the film as gasps and yaps resounded around me. Despite it being a very enjoyable horror film, I couldn’t take my mind off of a simple, glaringly-obvious plot contrivance that occurred continually: just why didn’t the […]Read More

Rosewood Lane (2011) Review

In 2001, when a relatively unknown director named Victor Salva linked up with the world renowned Francis Ford Coppola to create Jeepers Creepers, little did anybody realise how seminal and genre changing the film would ultimately be.Read More

The Collapsed (2011) Review

The end of the world is a scenario that has been imagined and re-examined for years; whether it’s an apocalyptic event or Armageddon against a ferocious opponent – typically, an unearthly one – signalling the coming of Judgement Day.Read More

The House (2007) Review

It’s been a while since my last entry. Rest assured; the atrocities that so often make mince meat out of the victims of horror films have not befallen me. Or have I risen from the dead?Read More

Evidence (2011) Review

That droning repetitive utterance you may be able to mildly hear seeping through your walls like the unsettling mantra of some kind of secret society being formed in the neighbouring house, is actually me reciting my usual lilt of “please don’t be a found-footage film, please don’t be a found-footage film”.Read More

Super Hybrid (2010) Review

So you stumble across an abandoned high-performance sports car in a dark alley. We’re talking the car of your dreams here. It’s open, fully stocked and the keys are still dangling enticingly in the ignition. What do you do?Read More