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Frankenhooker (1990) Review

Mary Shelley’s masterpiece Frankenstein has received as many movie reconstructions as the mad doctor’s monster had stitches – some proving successful and others abominably abortive.Read More

Street Trash (1987)

This 1987 ‘horror classic’ is a dose of pure, uncut celluloid in the vein of Troma’s finest. In fact, it borrows so much from Kaufman and Hertz that it could have easily fallen into the category of half hearted imitation. But what validates Street Trash as a cult item amongst the overcrowded cesspool of 80s […]Read More

Street Trash Competition

One of the most outrageous and unforgettable cult classics of 1980s schlock cinema, the gross-out horror-comedy STREET TRASH comes to DVD in January 2010 as a special two-disc edition.Read More