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Air (2015) Review

Set in an all too convincing future where nuclear and chemical warfare has killed the majority of the population and rendered the earth uninhabitable Air takes place in one of the few facilities deep underground devoted to the survival of the human race.Read More

Red Canyon (2008) Review

Picture this if you will. You are Tom, a college jock and although you look like you’re in your late 30’s you act like you’re 3 years old. You have a small group of friends both male and female who somehow represent all major social types, attitudes and backgrounds.Read More

Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009)

It’s widely accepted that farms can be dangerous places. There’s machinery (threshers etc), that can take off limbs if not used properly; there are sharp tools which can inflict pain if you’re not careful with them; there are animals that could nibble or kick you. But when listing the dangers, one doesn’t often consider the […]Read More