Outpost II: Black Sun (2012) Review

If the question is ‘what’s worse than Nazi’s?’ Outpost’s answer would be ‘zombie Nazi’s’. And it would seem it shares this view with a whole host of other horrors who have set about resurrecting the Third Reich from their battlefield graves and onto our screens.

Dead Snow, The Blood Reich: Bloodrayne 3, Bloodstorm, Nazi Dawn and War of the Dead all play with the idea of supernatural SS but the idea is not a new one going way back to 70’s and 80’s schlock horrors such as The Treasure of the Living Dead, Almost Human and Zombie Lake.

As a sequel to the original Outpost where a team of ex-soldiers come across a bunker used by the Nazi’s to create super soldiers by reanimating the dead Outpost II: Black Sun, which premiere’s at this years FrightFest 13th, picks the plot back up after the situation has escalated to a new level of horror.

Outpost II: Black Sun

On the hunt for escaped war criminals in Eastern Europe Lena (Catherine Steadman from The Tudors) encounters Wallace (Prince of Persia and Coupling’s Richard Coyle) who has been searching for years for the mysterious machine which is now powering the undead SS.

Outpost II: Black Sun

Having tracked the device down to the same location as Lena’s last target the pair team up only to discover that the countryside they have journeyed into is a battle ground between secret NATO task forces trying in vein to take down the seemingly unstoppable swath of Nazi zombies.

With time running out for everyone the duo must defeat the rise of the Fourth Reich before the monster militia achieve what Hitler never could with the total domination and destruction of our free living society.

Although the story is as ridiculous as it sounds Outpost II: Black Sun takes itself very seriously indeed and this is perhaps its main failing leading to a film lacking the fun and entertainment value that could have been had with such a crazy concept.

And what of the Nazi zombies I hear you wail? Firstly they are sadly not very scary and secondly their fast and furious movement, perpetual use of weapons, lack of appetite for human flesh and unspoken and unexplained master plan all point towards them not in fact being zombies at all.

The problem is they are neither zombie enough nor Nazi enough appearing as neither a mindless horde of horrible flesh eaters in uniform or a flock of fanatical fascist phantoms following a fallen Fuehrer. Semantics aside however they make fine cannon fodder.

Outpost II: Black Sun

Obviously aiming squarely at the Resident Evil cycle for inspiration the film does deliver as an action horror with plenty of gun fights, explosions and military muscle although the main gore is held back till the final battle which is a pity.

The production values are excellent with some great settings and locations and well done effects giving the film the look a feel of a bigger scale Hollywood movie. Credit is also due to director Steve Barker who keeps up a reasonable pace and keeps the audience interested even through the longer scenes of exposition.

The cast do well enough especially British born leads Steadman and Coyle who manage to keep their characters and accents throughout while putting as much gravitas as possible into the preposterous plotline and script.

Outpost II: Black Sun Outpost II: Black Sun

Criticism’s aside Outpost II: Black Sun looks great and as a well made action horror if you’re a fan of the genre then it definitely delivers a satisfying bang for your buck or punch for your pound depending which side of the pond you reside.

And with a third installment on the way entitled Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz it seems these Nazi zombies still have life in them left.

Where’s Werewolf Churchill when you need him?

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 



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