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The Magnificent Butcher [Lin Shi Rong] (1979) Review

The Magnificent Butcher is not as you may have guessed a slasher movie about a brilliant Sweeny Todd-esque killer who is particularly capable with a cleaver. It is in fact a classic Kung Fu movie starring the magnificent Sammo Hung and as you may have noticed or not this site has often bent its rules […]Read More

Hand of Death [Shao Lin men] (1976) Review

The 1976 Kung-Fu movie Hand of Death is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it contain early performances from action movie legends Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung but it was written and directed by Wu Yu Sheng better known to Western audiences as John Woo.Read More

Drunken Master [Zui quan] (1978) Review

For me Drunken Master is a very important film and the reasons are rooted in a variety of sources. Back in the day when I was at school myself and Zombie1 devoured all sorts of cinema from 80’s action classics to cult horror to Manga to Kung Fu and we tried to watch as much […]Read More