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The Stuff (1985) Review

At the start of The Stuff Jason (Scott Bloom) an all American boy in his kitchen for a late night snack, witnesses the fat free yogurt-like sensation that is sweeping the nation – ambiguously named The Stuff – moving in his refrigerator as if it was aliveRead More

It’s Alive (2008)

With teenage pregnancies on the rise and baby mothers going on trash TV talk shows to get DNA done on the dads, it would seem there was no way to prevent the prepubescent public reproducing. One way to thwart them not tried would be to sit them all in a room to watch It’s Alive. […]Read More

It’s Alive Competition

We have 5 copies of It’s Alive from Optimum Releasing to give away. It was premiered at the FrightFest and was realised on DVD on Monday 7th September. A remake of the 1974 cult classic, It’s Alive is a gore splattered cautionary tale of the terrifying consequences of experimental drug testing.Read More