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Infection (2019) Review

*** THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS *** In rural Venezuela, widowed doctor Adam (Rubén Guevara) suddenly finds himself in a fight for survival as a mutated rabies virus outbreak turns the afflicted into drooling, bloodthirsty psychopaths. As the disease spreads, it threatens the overwhelm not only the surrounding towns but the entire country.Read More

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[REC] 2 (2009) Review

A small group of heavily armed men creep cautiously down a dimly lit corridor. The building around them hums a deathly tune, creaking and moaning a cacophonous melody. Suddenly, an unholy screech slices through the room. An indiscernible figure steps into sight, blood and raw flesh smeared around its mouth. The men stand frozen, staring, […]Read More


The Crazies (2010)

With most horror films, the threat comes from outside – a monster in the woods, a psycho escaped from an asylum, a ghost from the other side. But what if the menace was closer to home? What if it was infecting the people around you? What if your friends and family where unknowingly, unwittingly being […]Read More